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Slipped Disc

Chiropractor for ‘pinched nerve’ or ‘slipped disc’

Chiropractic may improve the symptoms experienced from a slipped disc / pinched nerve by improving spinal biomechanics and thereby reducing the distortion on an injured intervertebral disc.

A thorough neurological assessment will be conducted to determine if the integrity of the nerve function has been compromised and if chiropractic treatment may be safely administered.

Chiropractor and weight loss

There is no evidence to suggest that chiropractic will directly affect weight loss however exercising may become more comfortable and with the appropriate dietary advice, discipline and perseverance, losing weight may become a reality.

Chiropractor for headaches/migraine

Chiropractic is very effective at alleviating Cervicogenic headaches and may relieve some migraines. The complex circulatory and neurological nature of migraine headaches makes treatment very challenging, and all possible triggers considered and relevant assessments completed before safe manipulation is performed.

Chiropractor and newborn

Chiropractic and new born

Chiropractor and newborn /baby /infant

Chiropractic is highly advised for babies to assess for any spinal problems, due partly to the trauma of the birthing process and positioning in utero during development.

Chiropractic has shown to relax muscular tension, improve sleep, can reduce colic symptoms and can improve breast feeding outcomes in new-born’s. Spinal manipulation in infants is gentle and safe.